bleachersThe best fitness equipment can be found at Frothingham Park. The bleachers at the park are perfect for running up and down to get a good cardio workout or to simply use them to do tricep dips or push ups.

Outside the park at home or at the gym, you can use the below equipment to enhance your workout routine.

Step bench
The height of the step depends on the leg movements that would be used. Of course, the height would depend on the experience and expertise of the person using it.  Usually, a beginner would start with a 4-inch step.  As the person becomes more experienced, the height would increase to build more endurance and flexibility.  One thing great about aerobic steps is that it is portable enough to be carried anywhere.

When buying a step bench, a bench with a non-slip surface will be a good idea since it would more safe.  Just keep in mind that a higher step bench would mean a more intense workout.

Stationary Bicycle
Unlike ordinary bicycles there are located only in one place.  To measure the progress of the bike, an ergometer is installed.  There are even stationary bikes which have computers that contain the exercise data and sessions.  These bikes have different features which influence the costs of the equipment.  There are different kinds of stationary bikes, buying one does not mean you would have to pick the most sophisticated and expensive model.  The needs of the user come first.

Treadmills can be expensive.  There are manual and motorized treadmills which can be bought from different fitness centers.  There are different features included in a treadmill like the pulse monitor, bottle holder, and book rack.  There are even sophisticated models which would allow you to use video and audio players to kill boredom while doing the exercises.  When buying treadmill, the size is the most important factor.  Check if it would be able to fit into your exercise or living room area.

Hand weights
Lifting weights is another component of aerobic exercises.  When seriously trying to build muscles, then start getting 3 lbs. and 5 lbs. weights.  When using hand weights, users are recommended to use aerobic gloves to grip better.  Water aerobics also have customized weights which can be used in aquatic exercises.

Whenever performing aerobic exercises, using the proper gear is important, the right clothes and shoes.  Make sure that the clothes will allow the body to move easily, the shoes should be comfortable enough and keep the user balanced.

Aside from paying attention to wearing the proper working-out clothes, asking your doctor or health-care provider about any kind of recommendation with what kind of fitness equipment and program would be suitable for your needs is important. If buying fitness equipment is out of the option, then you could always sign-up for a membership in fitness centers, as long as they offer the equipment you would prefer to use.

So come on down to Frothingham Park, run the bleachers, then head to the gym and use the handweights.