Frothingham Park is a memorial to Louis Adams Frothingham, who served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1921 to 1928. It was dedicated to the town of Easton on September 27, 1930 by his wife, Mary Ames Frothingham.

Born in 1867, Mary Ames Frothingham, the daughter of Frederick Lothrop Ames Frothingham grew up on Langwater estate with her brothers. She devoted much of her life to charity work. At age 49, she married Louis A. Frothingham. Read more


Park Update

Ed Gianni who is a golf course superintendent has been working on the infield of the baseball diamond to improve and make consistent the response to a ball hitting the turf on the infield. It is an ongoing project and as it goes along we should see a very consistent response from a baseball bouncing off the turf so infielders can field the baseball with the confidence that they will know where it will go after hitting the turf. This should make an already outstanding baseball diamond like a professional field!

The new Pavilion is getting a good amount of use.

The front gate needs some stone work and we have a stone mason lined up to repair that in the Spring.

The Park acquired a new pickup truck in 2023. The previous truck lasted 16 years. The area where it is normally parked overnight has been paved and should add some longevity to the new truck by minimizing the corrosion that occurs when parked on a grass or dirt surface

The baseball scoreboard will be coming down during the winter. The steel beams that support it have become weak from corrosion and need to be replaced. The scoreboard structure will hopefully be ready for Spring.

We had movies at the Park this summer but weather was a constant factor. We will be reviewing that activity for 2024.

Scott Pearson continues to do a magnificent job of making the Park so beautiful and a joy to all those who use it.


Restrooms are open for scheduled events only and when staff are on site. Feel free to ask a staff member if you are onsite and restrooms are locked.

Hope Day at the Park