Less than two months away, and the kids will be out of school and it’s time to plan a summer vacation. But looking at your budget, going away is not affordable at the moment with expensive college tuition fees around the corner for your graduating senior. Why not stay in Easton and participate in new ideas and events right in your back yard.

The Frothingham Park staff assembled great local vacation ideas to participate in during your time off at little or no cost. Read on:

mansionWish: Longing to travel to England and visit historical mansions.

Wish Fulfilled Locally:
Take a tour of the Ames Mansion at Borderland and learn more about its history. Adorned with ivy, this mansion used to be the former residence of Oakes Ames and his wife Blanche. Get taken by the mansion’s three-story charm during a tour. Check out the Easton Journal for tour times. They are offered regularly. For more details about the mansion, click here

Wish: Dying to go to a play or Broadway show in Boston or New York City.

Wish Fulfilled Locally: Check out the Black Box Theater in Mansfield on 377 Main street right by the train station. This tiny theater features musicals and plays regularly with an intermission where the staff serve wine and cheese. Tickets usually run $25 and under. Call 508-339-2822 to be added to their email list or mailing list.

Wish: Feeling like going to a wine tasting expo.

Wish Fulfilled Locally: Check out your local wine stores for wine tasting afternoons. Sample various varietals with no obligation to buy. Pops Wine and Liquors offer wine tastings once a month. Next wine tasting is May 6 from 4:30-7:30, 670 Depot street.

Shoveltown Base

Wish: Want to cheer on  a professional baseball team.

Wish Fulfilled Locally: Cheer your local Huskies and OA varsity Baseball teams at Frothingham Park. Check out their websites for dates and times.



Wish: Eager to explore a culture and its food abroad

Wish Fulfilled Locally: Go to a different ethnic restaurant for lunch each day and sample worldly dishes. Some offer lunch buffets at very reasonable prices. Below are some international restaurant ideas close to home.

Indian food (Coriander) in Sharon
Vietnamese food (Pho So 1) in Randolph
Mexican food (El Mariachi) in Easton

Wish: Want to entertain the kids with little supervision while you get a massage

Wish Fulfilled locally: Drop them off at the driving range at a local golf course to hit a bucket of balls or two.Golf courses allow kids who are 11 and over to hit balls without adult supervision. Sneak away and get a 30-minute massage at a spa nearby while they are playing.

We hope these ideas from our staff inspire you to enjoy a nice vacation at home.