spring cleaning 1Spring is here. With the latest storm in early April, we are starting a bit late with our prep for spring. The staff at Frothingham put together a list to help you jump start your spring cleaning.

Clean the Garage Go through your garage and put away all the winter shovels and scrapers.  Sweep the salt and sand out of the garage floor and make room for gardening tools and beach chairs.

Don’t forget windows, they need shining
After the heavy rain and snow, your windows need spring cleaning 2cleaning. Allot a weekend to go through the windows in the entire house and shine them so the sun can come in.  Newspapers are great to clean windows with.

Bring out spring colors
Give a new spring touch to your TV room. Buy some colorful bright throw pillows and put them on your couch to brighten up the room and announce the arrival of spring.

Bring out the spring clothes
Go through your clothes and throw away any old items you have not worn in a full year. Check buttons on all spring clothes, replace any missing ones. Pitch any clothes that have rips, tears or are now outdated. Chances you will not miss them and you’ll make more room for new purchases.

Go through your medicine cabinet
Use spring as your reminder to pitch expired meds in your medicine cabinet. Meds expire and when they do, they lose their efficiency. Go through your medical cabinet and check all expiration dates. Get rid of anything that has expired.

Throw out any expired spices
Spices in your cabinet appear to last forever. But they actually do expire. After a while, the flavor fades and the spices lose their zing. The general rule is shelf life for whole spices such as cloves, nutmeg last 4 years. Any ground spices lose their flavor after 2-3 years.

Hope this list from the Frothingham Park staff helps you get started.