Super Foods on a Budget

Trying to eat healthier but can’t afford the price of fresh fruit and organic foods at the supermarket?  The isles at the grocery store are packed with fresh produce and food and other healthy and organic choices, but all tend to add astronomically to your grocery bill.

Here are some tips for you from the Frothingham Park staff on purchasing healthy foods on a budget.

Choose Tuna Over Salmon for Omega 3
Salmon is a delicious fish choice with great health benefits and generous amounts of Omega 3, but with a price per-pound from $9.99-$14.99 for the wild salmon kind, why not switch to Tuna in a can. Canned tuna in oil boasts omega 3 fats that are good for your health as well as lean protein and vitamins B, and D.  And at only $1.50 per can, you not only save on the price, but also canned tuna is non-perishable while fresh salmon must be eaten within a day or two.

Frozen instead of Fresh Vegetables
The vegetables you find in the freezer section of you grocery store are frozen at peak freshness and therefore retain more nutrients than the canned and at the same price or less. They are also a better choice as they have not been sitting on the loading trucks for days and lose their crispness once on the vegetable isles.

Frozen Berries over Fresh
Look for store-brand frozen berries in the grocery’s freezer section. Sometimes these are on sale and the price is lower than the fresh boxed berries.


Opt for Budget-Friendly Dried Beans
Dried beans in bags are more economical than their canned version. Throw a few in soups or chickpeassalads for a healthy and nutritious meal.

Choose Peanuts Over Walnuts or Almonds
Nuts are the best go-to snack food, but several kinds of nuts are very expensive including almonds, walnuts and pistachios. Why not choose peanuts or bulk nuts for a quick pick me up without breaking the bank.


Check out Your Local Ethnic Foods Store
Ethnic stores often sell ingredients such as olive oil, capers, spices, at lower rates than regular supermarkets. The next time you pass by an ethnic food store, why not stop in and stock up.

We hope these tricks will encourage you to eat healthy while on a tight budget.