How to Train for Your First 5K

How to Train for Your First 5K

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Your neighbor completed a 5K, your sister ran a marathon, and your friend nailed a 10K, you are inspired by their accomplishments but never looked at yourself as being a runner, but want to start. If you are a newbie, here is the plan for you. All it takes is believing in yourself and following the below tips from the Frothingham Park Staff.  With fall just around the corner, what better time to start.

Invest in a good pair of running sneakers
Looking into a good pair of running sneakers is a first step. If you get injured, you will be discouraged and will stop your training in its infancy. So invest in a good pair of sneakers that can give you good cushion and support on any kind of surface you choose to run on.

Recruit a  Buddy to Train with you
Ask your friends or your family to join you in training for a 5K. Not only does it make training more fun, it will make you more accountable. If you are feeling tired or unmotivated, your buddy would encourage you to go. Another benefit of a buddy is that you can use your training time to catch up.

Be Sure to Warm up, Cool Down and Stretch
Warm ups, cool downs and stretches are essential elements of exercise to prevent injury and optimize performanceSo be sure to stretch your hamstrings, quads before you begin and after your workout.

Rest in between workouts
Give your body a rest to prevent injury during your training. Take two days off in the week just to rest and give your muscles a chance to recover.

Start Small
For building endurance, start with a a run walk combination three times a week. Start with one mile, the first week and run for one block, walk for one block. We like to call it the mailbox to mailbox fitness plan.  Alternate between a run/walk.  Go at a comfortable pace, you can learn to speed up a little later in your training. The next week add an extra half a mile to your total workout distance until you’ve reached a total of 3.1 miles, a 5K.

Add a half a mile each week
Add a half a mile each week to your workout until your reach 5K, 3.1 miles. By week 3, try to do more running than walking half the distance. By week 5, your should be able to run 3 miles total.  training is 5 weeks.You should be on your way to running a 5K before you know it.

Lace up, and the Frothingham Park staff are looking forward to seeing you in the  next 5K race in Easton.