How to Choose the Best Candidate for President

How to Choose the Best Candidate for President

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Having a difficult time choosing a candidate for president who matches your views the most? Are you discouraged by the drama and inappropriate jabs that the candidates are taking making them look more like middle school kids rather than serious candidates and making it harder to make a choice?

The Frothingham Park staff put together some tips to help you choose the right candidate for the president this year, one who closely matches your values and beliefs.

1- Make a list of your beliefs

Take your time and think about the things that really matter to you. What are things that you are passionate about, the poor, the disabled, social justice, conservatism, budget deficit, etc. Put them down on paper.

2- Make a wish list on what you want in a candidate
just like you would do if looking for a romantic or lifetime partner, jot down what you like to see in a partner. Next to your list of beliefs, make a list of what you are looking for in a candidate that matches your list of beliefs and values. What items on your wish list are you able to compromise, live with and what are non-negotiable.

3- Learn the names of the candidates and parties
Armed with your wish list, now turn your attention to all the candidates in the running. Learn their names and what party they belong to.

4- Begin your Research
Read up on all the candidates, their views, their history, their beliefs and their voting record. Watch videos on how they conduct themselves, are they presidential? Would you be proud of them representing you and our country in the world? Do they seem to care and have compassion? Do they live and believe in the constitution? Are they able to work across the aisle and are tolerant of other people’s opinions?

5- Pick a candidate
Now that you read up on the candidates, decide which one is most likely to vote for your issues and meet your values and beliefs.

6- Just for fun, take a political quiz

Just for fun, take a political quiz at to see if the candidate you end up with, is the one you picked. The quiz includes about 50 multiple choice questionnaire covering environmental, economic, foreign affairs, healthcare and immigration issues. Once you submit your answers, the results show which candidate most closely is in line with your views.

We hope these tips from the Frothingham Park Staff are helpful.